“I have a memory, as a 4 year old, of having my father help me draw pictures on a large sketch pad. I concentrated on one picture of a hill, a moon, and 2 trees in front of the moon.  I have probably drawn that same picture, and versions of it, over a hundred times since then.  My father was a commercial artist, and had a very creative mind.  I guess you could say I share that quality with him as I have loved the arts ever since. 

Anyone can be an “artist” or a “photographer” but if you have the passion behind it, and the need to always be creative and think outside of the box, your images can be amazing.  I’ve learned many things from both fellow photographers and academic courses, that has helped my work evolve over the years, and I hope that you will enjoy not just the commercial aspect of my website, but the artistic side of it as well.”

Donna’s  career began as a part time  assistant for a wedding photographer, and extended to her advertising job with the Contra Costa Times, a prominent newspaper in the Bay Area. This led to starting her own wedding photography business, Crystal Image, and she photographed weddings throughout the Bay Area for several years. 

As her advertising career progressed, her focus shifted to commercial photography with the San Francisco Chronicle, which went hand in hand with creating dynamic advertising campaigns for her clients.  Her commercial images have appeared in North Bay Magazine,, San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times Wedding Editions and In Sync magazine.

After several years in the corporate advertising world, Donna has come back to her true passion and has found time to re-invent herself and combine both her skills as a wedding photographer and as a commercial photographer to form her new company, Donna Demarest Photography.